Property Conveyancing for Home Buyers

Streamlining property conveyancing when buying property

At Conveyancing Solutions, we understand that property transactions can place stress and pressure on an already busy lifestyle. It is our aim to make the property conveyancing process as seamless as possible. Our licensed professionals are experts in the entire range of conveyancing services – from the search stage right through to the completion of your purchase.

The buying cycle includes:

couple in searching the real estate for a purchase



What are the conditions

The first step in the conveyancing process is obtaining a copy of the Contract from the Agent or the Vendor. One of our licensed conveyancers will review the contract, advise you on the conditions of the agreement, alert you of any dangers and negotiate changes to the contract with the vendor’s property conveyancer/solicitor.


Check it out

Once you have negotiated the price we will assist you in obtaining the necessary inspection reports and advise you to finalise your finance arrangements if applicable. We can make suggestions on reputable companies to undertake building and pest inspections for you, as well as strata reports. Our mortgage broking service through Mortgage Options can also assist with arranging finance for your purchase.

Contract Exchange

Becoming bound

Once we have negotiated and you are satisfied with the terms of the sale, the contracts can be exchanged. One of our expert property conveyancers will attend to the exchange of contracts. Once the contracts have exchanged you become legally bound to follow through with the purchase.

Bank Liaison

From negotiations to chasing progress

One of our expert property conveyancers can liaise with any financial institution on your behalf, concerning all aspects of your loan from negotiations right through to chasing progress on your behalf.If you haven’t arranged finance, the team at Mortgage Options can help you unlock the loan product that is right for you.

Property Completion

Taking ownership

Property completion usually takes place around 6 weeks after exchanging contracts, however this can vary. Our property conveyancers will attend to the settlement of the property on your behalf. Once settlement is completed you are able to take ownership of the property.


Its our job

As your licensed property conveyancer, it is our job to make all the necessary enquiries to ensure that there are no applicable outstanding notices or charges, and that you are purchasing an unencumbered property.