With Australia’s official cash rate hovering around historical lows for some time now, long-term investors are looking for ways to make the most of the low-interest environment. Here are five ways to put the recent cash rate cuts to good use. more

Local Environmental Plans, or LEPs, are plans developed by local councils to impose standards on a region to control development. They help council to prepare for the future, reserving land for open spaces, schools and transport while protecting the natural environment. LEPs can apply to a whole local government area or parts of that area. Once an LEP is put in place, it generally remains in force until it is repealed or amended by another LEP. more

Before making a purchasing or selling decision about a property it’s important to do your research. Zoning regulations could have a big impact on your property and your community. When it comes to your home or your investment, it’s important to know what your neighbourhood might look like in ten years, as well as what you can and can’t do to develop your property. That could mean converting a property into flats, adding an extra bedroom, off-street parking or even sub-divisions. more

From 29th April 2013, all pool owners are required to register their backyard swimming pools in an online register to be provided by the NSW Government. The Register will promote pool safety and pool compliance in response to the challenge of reducing the number of deaths and injuries to children in backyard swimming pools in NSW. The Register will provide pool owners with pool safety checklists to help them to self-assess their pool’s safety. Pool owners are required to register their swimming pool by 29th October, 2013. more